Me guide dog Fletcher with two sheep in the background

Doing my bit for interspecies relations

Woof woof! Guide dog Fletcher here with waggy tails (or in human speak, tales) from meeting other animals.

Now I love humans. Particularly my humans who I call human no. 1 and human no. 2. They keep me topped up with treats, fuss and cuddly toys (although I could always do with more). And I get to take human no. 1 out to places where I have exclusive access as an assistance dog. It’s great fun.

Oh and I love all you wonderful folks who support Guide Dogs. And also any friends of my humans who give me lots of fuss. But this post is not about humans.

I’ve met sheep and a bunny.

Yes, really.

Me guide dog Fletcher in front of two sheep

The sheep were a bit boring. They seemed more interested in grass than me and kept their distance. As evidenced by my photo. But we did agree that life was good. Well, least that’s what I think they said, I’m not very good at baa-speak.

Me guide dog Fletcher with bunny Bouffe

My bunny encounter was much more fun. Apparently bunnies like to rub noses and, by luck, my bunny etiquette was up to speed. We nuzzled together. I did my best to be gentle as this bunny couldn’t see very well (just like my human). His name’s Bouffe and we’re now friends. He even blogged to say so; check out Bouffe’s blog post.

Of course, we dogs like to sniff and rub noses too. Just like on Saturday, when I met 2 barking dogs who belong to my human’s osteopath. No time for play though and I was most disappointed.

Me guide dog Fletcher with 2 dogs

Now, I’ve been told that my nose looks as though I’ve spent far too much time sniffing. It’s black around the edges with pink in the middle. It appears as if I’ve rubbed out most of the black bits. What do you reckon? Must come from sniffing out all the best news from the streets and grass just for you…

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Guide dog (Retired) Fletcher here, sniffing out the best news from the streets and grass in the UK and beyond. Keeping my human, Fiona, safe with paws at the kerb. Qualified with #GuideDogs in August 2015. Retired 2021. Can be found at the kerb or snoozing...

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