Me guide dog Fletcher receiving fuss from Ruby Wax

Met Ruby Wax and wasn’t frazzled

I’m back and woof! Guide dog Fletcher here. First, I know it’s been an absolute age – a very long time in dog years – since my last blog post. So my apologies.

I’ve been guiding my human – Fiona – all over the place. Like this week, I was guiding her all over Farnham Castle for an Easter Wedding (where I got lots of fuss from the bride, Ness, and got a little excited when I met the groom, Leigh – so much so that he spilt his orange juice, oops; more about my wedding adventures in a future blog post). And, yes, earlier this year, I met Ruby Wax. I wasn’t frazzled by meeting such a star and was quite happy to guide my human somewhere new…

Ruby Wax was promoting her new book, Frazzled, shown in the photo below. Now books aren’t much good to me. I’m bright but I can’t read. Anyhow, the book was a late Christmas present for the bride and groom and it’s all about mindfulness.

Book cover of Frazzled by Ruby Wax

I didn’t understand much of what Ruby and someone called Dr Danny Penman (he co-authored the book “Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world” alongside Mark Williams) were saying. I was too busy snoozing or observing the emotional assistance dog who was sitting not far from me on their owner’s lap (now I’d love to sit on my human’s lap but I suspect I might be a bit big).

Ruby Wax and Dr Danny Penman answering questions

When it came to the end of the talk, I followed Ruby’s advice “Don’t just do something, sit there”. Well, I sat down beside her and got lots of fuss! I like it when that happens…

Me guide dog Fletcher sitting down receiving fuss from Ruby Wax

It’s great when I take my human out and about. Just love what I do. That’s it from me today. Woof and paw, Fletcher.

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