Me guide dog Fletcher head and front paw only. I'm snoozing looking to the right in a red T-shirt under a cream blanket and nuzzled against a green cuddly toy. And I'm home. @pawsatthekerb

I’m home

Woof, woof and woof again from me, guide dog Fletcher! Why all the excitement?! Well, I’m home.

Me guide dog Fletcher head and front paw only. I'm snoozing looking to the right in a red T-shirt under a cream blanket and nuzzled against a green cuddly toy. And I'm home. @pawsatthekerb

Wasn’t that long ago I was rocking this T-shirt look at Guide Dogs Redbridge Hospital Kennels just after my back surgery (photo below). That’s why there was a slight pause at paws at the kerb™.

Me guide dog Fletcher sitting looking at you in a bright red T-shirt. I'm on a white bed with nylabones around me. The walls are brown tiles. @pawsatthekerb

Waggy tail for all your get well soon wishes. Licks to all my new blog followers. And soppy kisses (or nose-bumps as my bunny friends prefer) to my regular readers. Knowing you are there for me means a lot.

Talking of kisses. My “kissing spine” and I even made it into Forest Vets’ newsletter. Forest Vets are Guide Dogs Redbridge’s authorised vets. Here’s the pawsome bit all about me:

Me guide dog Fletcher upside down in a CT scanner which is a white donut. I'm on the bed with tubes attached and my nurse and vet are nearby. There's also an CT scan of my kissing spine. The text says: Forest Veterinary Centre Winter Newsletter 2016. New CT Scanner. Clive, Paul and Glenn have been taking our first CT scans with some very impressive results. These pictures show a working Guide Dog in the CT scanner. The dog had been experiencing back pain. The image shows the spinous processes (the sticky up bits!) are touching. This is called a "kissing spine". This is not what Clive was expecting. The god will now have an operation to resect the spinal bones that are causing the pain. All being well, the Guide Dog will be back working with his blind partner as soon as he is recovered from the operation. Posted in pawsatthekerb.

Whilst the Guide Dogs Hospital Kennels staffs were lovely, I missed my fabulous human, Fiona. I missed my belly rub technician, Andy. Then after 6 weeks away, I saw my humans again. I forgot that I had a sore back and went crazy.

I’m home now. It’s woofderful.

For the first time in months, I can snooze on my back. For us dogs, it’s impawtant to take-up as much room as possible and get into the most awkward sleeping positions. Multi-tasking is also good. So whilst I’m lying here, I’m happy to receive belly rubs. Anyone?!

Me guide dog Fletcher snoozing on my back. Belly exposed ready for a belly rub. I'm wearing a white T-shirt and there's a red cuddly toy poking out from under me. @pawsatthekerb

I’ve also got a new bed (the Piggy Bank was raided – poor Miss Piggy – and my new bed’s got something called memory foam). It’s vast and has a very comfy head rest. Here let me show you.

Me guide dog Fletcher looking at you. My head and right leg are visible only. My head is resting on the brown bolster of my bed and I'm looking serious. @pawsatthekerb

I’m getting better each day. Be a couple more weeks before I’m allowed my free run in the park and to catch-up on all my wee wee notices.

My future as a guide dog is a little uncertain though. As per the vets’ orders, I’m currently on light duties building up to full working. But I need a little help so my guiding is really good and I don’t stop unexpectedly. To be honest, I needed help a while back. My humans are on the case but it hasn’t been easy for them getting others to help us (I may even tell you all about it in a blog post).

While my humans and I are waiting for help, I’ll just have to double-check that my new bed is properly squidgy.

Time for another nap… 

Woof and paw, Guide dog Fletcher.

P.S. I’m hoping to get in another blog post this month. Probably tell you about my doggie family. Make sure you don’t miss it by following my blog. As always, your pawsome comments are most welcome.

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