My view, that's Guide dog Fletcher's view, at Common People music gig. In the distance there's a rectangular music stage, with lots of people of different ages standing in the sun. There are flags and green leaf trees in the background. @pawsatthekerb

My first music gig

Woof again from me guide dog Fletcher! Hope you’re all pawsome and are enjoying good weather?! I’ve been out and about all over the place since I blogged last. I’ve been to my first music gig. It was called “Common People”. It was pawtastic and in a grassy park [which is really good for me as I love smelling the grass].

I excelled in my guiding. I knew exactly where to guide my human, the fabulous Fiona. She knew the vague direction she needed to go but that was it. I was in charge of navigation.

We weaved in and out many times. There were lots of people everywhere in all sorts of clothing.

Me guide dog Fletcher, well the back of my head and shoulders in the right hand corner of the photo. The rest of the photo are the legs and upper bodies of men. Some are wearing shorts and trainers, others jeans, some have ripped t-shirts on. @pawsatthekerb

And more people.

Me guide dog Fletcher once again guiding through the crowds. You can see the back of my head and shoulders in the far right corner of the photo. The rest of the photo shows men and women from the shoulders down. Most of them are wearing shorts which are different shades of brown. Many of the t-shirts are shades of blue. @pawsatthekerb

Human no. 2, also known as Andy, could just about keep up with the two of us. He wanted to stop and ask the way. But I cracked on. I knew, somehow, that I had to head to accessible viewing platform. 

Once I got my humans to where they needed to go, I decided it was time to snooze.  I’m very good at snoozing.

Me guide dog Fletcher part in the sun and shade. The sun bringing out the shades of my golden fut. You've got a head shot of me snoozing. I'm resting on big teddy and the leg of my human is just in shot. @pawsathekerb

My humans enjoyed themselves in the sunshine listening to the music.

Head shots of my humans in the sun against a blue sky with a flag in the background. One white male with glasses and dark brown hair. One light brown woman wearing dark glasses. Her hair is glack and she's in white and blue with a red bag strap showing. Both are smiling at the camera. @pawsatthekerb

The music had a good beat and seemed quite tuneful. I’ve no idea who was playing. Everyone at the gig seemed happy and many danced to the music.

My view of the Common People stage. The stage is rectangular and in the distance surrounded by flags and green trees. Most of the photo are people of different ages standing with their backs to the camera in the sunshine. @pawsatthekerb

Whilst the loud music didn’t seem to bother me, my humans kept a close eye on me in case it was too much. I spent most of the time snoozing. Though every once in a while I popped my head up to say hello. And to check if it was time for a treat.

Me guide dog Fletcher a golden fur Labradaor Golden Retriever cross. Well my head looking up to camera. You can just make out my body between the jean covered legs of my human. I'm on a viewing paltform and in the background is a water box and my Guide Dog harness. @pawsatthekerb

After a while, it was time to go. And I guided brilliantly on the route back taking my humans to the exit, which was different to where we came in, with very little direction. Somehow I just knew where I was going. My humans were pretty clueless.

We passed lots of people. Weaving in and out again. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to snaffle all the lovely food abandoned on the grass. Too busy focusing on keeping my human safe.

Me guide dog Fletcher. Just the back of my head and shoulders. I'm guiding my human to the right as there's a group of people in front of us sat on the grass. To the left of me are more people. These people are dressed in shorts, trainers and t-shirts. @pawsatthekerb

I was pawtastic! Even if I do say so myself. And I got lots of fusses for being so good.

Now unfortunately that was one of the few times that I have been paw perfect in the last two and a half weeks. Can’t quite put my paw on it as to why that is. I seem to have disrupted my guiding flow. Fiona, my human, is being very patient with me and continues to use positive reinforcement techniques.

On Sunday, I got to guide in my new harness for the first time (more on that later) and it feels good. I think my back feels better for it. Dog osteopathy and follow-up with the vets next week (if you’re new to my blog, see my earlier blog posts about my back surgery via my list of blog posts page). Hopefully the vet will allow me to play fetch again and have longer playtime in the park [running around, twisting and turning is soooo good for me, woofy smile]. Wish me well in getting my guide dog mojo back…

Woof and paw, 

Guide dog Fletcher. 

P.S. Found out that Stanley, my brother (see my guide dog family post), is back with Guide Dogs. They’re making sure he’s in tip top shape and up to speed with the latest guiding techniques before matching him with a new guide dog owner.

P.P.S. Thank you to every human and four paws following my blog. You’re very impawtant to me. And I love your comments. If you’re not following, then don’t miss out. Follow me…

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Guide dog (Retired) Fletcher here, sniffing out the best news from the streets and grass in the UK and beyond. Keeping my human, Fiona, safe with paws at the kerb. Qualified with #GuideDogs in August 2015. Retired 2021. Can be found at the kerb or snoozing...

6 thoughts on “My first music gig”

  1. Hi Fletcher. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your music gig. Perhaps you’re just tired and that is why your guiding mojo has been a bit off? Plus it’s been very warm too. I hope you are back guiding well again soon :) x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woof Torie! Thanks for your kind words. Pawsome to have your support. I have been a bit tired. It has been hot too. This morning we have a thunderstorm. I think I don’t like having the builders around too. Vets this week. Paws crossed that it’s good news. Licks. Fletcher


  2. Salutation Fletcher! What adventures you have been having. The music / grassy park event sounds most entertaining, I think I could have scampered about all over the place. As you know I share my space with a well meaning but honestly, quite foolish human, who believes in equal rights for all, yet will not provide carrot on demand. (‘Albert, it upsets your tum, too sugary. And I have to deal with the mess’)

    Another thing, good friend Fletcher, my human is obsessed with getting a ‘korbin’ into a place called No 10. My human thinks this will be good for everyone.

    I wish my human would play some music I enjoy, like ‘Laughing Gnome’ or ‘China Girl’. Instead it is all Velvet Underground and Japan. She promises a good, all inclusive soundtrack, for my birthday party. Are you dreading that? I am. She was listening to ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ yesterday, and then put on Slade. Later it all got civilised, Everything But The Girl.

    You will know more about this, ‘human’ has a list that has fallen of the table. It is a bit odd. What do you make of’ salami’, ‘Andy’, ‘sausage rolls’? What does a big green tick mean?

    The other thing Fletcher, another aspect in my life is the intrusion of an edifice called the Tardis. I have no problem with the Tardis , as it is a money box sitting on my humans bookshelf. So why is this whirring and spinning box so important? Why does it claim so much attention?

    What is ‘Trump’?

    I look forward to your visit, and an in depth discussion about how we can save our humans.

    Fondest regards, Albert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woof and nose bump Albert! Yes, lots of grass is good. Though I think the humans might have stamped on your paws with all their dancing at the gig. Sounds like you have you own music gig lined up for your party. As long as us four paws have the best grassy patch, we shall be pawsome. Hmmm, don’t know much about lists. But big green ticks are good.

      Don’t know what a Trump is either but my humans make funny noises whenever his name is mentioned. Will investigate your Tardis. It sounds fun. Look forward to seeing your human and you again soon. Fletcher


  3. Great to see you enjoyed your first gig fletch-very brave of you and so proud that you were so good! Foster mum and dad also went to a gig over the bank holiday. Not sure you would have enjoyed ours though as the music was quite heavy for doggy ears and not much grass to snuffle in! Much love to you and your humans x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woof and waggy tail! Thanks. You gave me a grand start in life. Glad you had a pawsome time at your gig. Maybe your next one can have grass and you can take your current boarder?! Licks. Fletcher


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