Me guide dog Fletcher lying down in the sun

About me, guide dog Fletcher

Woof woof, guide dog Fletcher here! I’m sniffing out the best news from the streets and grass then bringing it direct to your screen. Join me and my posts for little bursts of happiness!

Me guide dog Fletcher lying down in the sun

I’m a Labrador / Golden Retriever cross-breed, who’s now four and a half years old (when I started this blog I was almost two). I’m on a mission to keep my human safe with paws at the kerb. I can be bold and confident when called upon to whoosh past other humans on the go. Yet I’m really soppy at heart and love my cuddly toys. I’m a guide dog. I’m also known as an assistance dog. I can often found at the kerb or snoozing. Here’s a photo of me having a nap.

Me guide dog Fletcher having a nap

I wouldn’t be here without Guide Dogs and all you lovely humans (and dogs of course) who support Guide Dogs. A BIG thank you!

As I’m mastering voice recognition technology (well, you didn’t expect me to type?! My human can’t type either in case you’re wondering), I’ll be sharing more about me and my adventures. Through this website, I want to make life a little less complicated for humans who are blind or partially-sighted, raise awareness about the life-changing role of guide dogs like me and learn from others like you.

Catch-up on some ‘About me’ blog posts: Who am I? and I’m 4! Happy birthday to me. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road with a slight pause due to back surgery. I have a pawsome guide dog family and visited my mum and my puppy walker in 2016 then my boarders later on. 2017 was a busy year. 2018 started with paws in the snow. Find a wooftastic blog post from my list of posts.

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One thought on “About me, guide dog Fletcher”

  1. Hi Fletcher

    It Charlie (human) from VocalEyes. We would love to share some of your images from the Hamilton Touch tour as part of a post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter showing the different aspects of an accessible visit to Hamilton. Would that be ok?



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