Access All Areas Case Study Text

Me guide dog Fletcher and my human Fiona sitting on a bench with lots of text describing case study

Here’s the text on our Guide Dogs’ case study mini-poster:

Fiona and Fletcher.

I was refused access.

I’m Fiona, first-time guide dog owner of Fletcher. When my friend invited me to catch-up at her local restaurant, I said “Great, I’ll see you there – this is what having a guide dog is all about”.

However, the restaurant staff weren’t welcoming, saying “No dogs allowed. You have to leave”. I replied: “My guide dog and I are allowed in because it’s the law”. But the staff continued to refuse access. Despite feeling hurt I stood my ground, only to have a waiter say: “We can’t have the dog – what would our customers think?”. Eventually, we were seated behind a wall at the back of the restaurant. Despite being treated like poorly, I decided to stay and eat – if only to prove to the restaurant staff that having a well-behaved guide dog like Fletcher on their premises was no bad thing.

3 out of 4 guide dog owners have been illegally refused access.

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