Frightful Fireworks

Just a few lines from me, guide dog Fletcher, this week!

Now I know many of you enjoyed this weekend’s fireworks. But I’m a sensitive soul. I don’t like all those bangs and flashes of light.

Not my kind of weekend at all.

I didn’t feel up to barking out a full length blog post. As to having my photo taken, no way (yes, I know I usually share my pics with you). Spent most of the time curled up against my human with the TV on in the background.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back on form next week with a pawsome post. All about my favourite subject – food.

Woof and paw, Fletcher.

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I’m now 2 years old!

Woof woof from me, guide dog Fletcher! A woof to celebrate each year of my life. I’m now two years old. A teenager in dog years.

I’ve grown-up fast. This is a photo of me when I was a two month puppy. Aren’t I adorable?!

Me guide dog Fletcher as a puppy looking up at camera

The photo came from my brilliant puppy-walker, Di. Guide Dog volunteer puppy walkers make sure us guide dogs have a great start in life. So, this blog post is dedicated to them.

My birthday was on Tuesday. My day kicked off with extra fuss. To be honest, at the time I hadn’t grasped the concept of what a birthday was. All I knew was that I didn’t wanted my belly rubs to stop. Ah bliss, a spa-day.

Me guide dog Fletcher having a belly rub

And there was more fun to be had.

Now, I have a new cuddly toy. It’s a posh one which has been specially made for dogs (with embroidered eyes and double-stitched seams). It’s an elephant. And, it’s huge. It’s a little tricky to run up and down with it in my mouth. So I keep dropping it. But that doesn’t stop me trying. Oh, and it’s great for licking.

Me guide dog Fletcher licking elephant cuddly toy

It makes a good head rest too.

Me guide dog Fletcher with head resting on elephant toy

I also got an extra treat from human no. 2. Not entirely sure what it was but it was tasty. I do like my food. The rest of the day was business as usual which I also loved. I like guiding my human no.1; taking them out and about. Keeping them safe with paws at the kerb. I am a guide dog after all. A guide dog who’s now two years old.

That’s it from me. Keeping it short and sweet as it’s been a busy week.

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Fun with planes, trains, automobiles and the odd coach

Waggy tail! Guide dog Fletcher, here, back from my mini adventures on all sorts of transport. They’ve been great fun. I know planes, trains and automobiles might not sound that exciting. But they are. Really.

As an assistance dog, I have exclusive access to many places. I got to see all sorts of planes, old and new, at Duxford Air Museum. Check out the photo with me by a Lancaster bomber. I can just imagine flying one.

Me guide dog Fletcher in front of a plane at Duxford

Trains are fun too.

I make sure my human gets safely on and off trains. We’ve only done it twice. Have to keep an eye on them as I don’t want them falling off the platform or tripping up when they’re trying to get onto a train. I even keep a look out when they’re sitting down. Just in case and like in the photo. Before fitting in a quick nap.

Me guide dog Fletcher on train floor looking up

I’ve also been on a steam train. It was during my summer holidays and I was on the Sir Nigel Gresley on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. I liked the smell of the coal dust. Great for sniffing.

Me guide dog Fletcher with my human in front of Sir Nigel Gresley steam train

Cars are wonderful for snoozing in.

I’m not so keen to jump in car boots. But riding on the back seat with my own travel seat belt (I’ll tell you more about my gadgets and accessories another time) is great. Just like yesterday in the car of my human’s friend.

Me guide dog Fletcher on car backseat

It’s grand being chauffeur-driven. I can snooze away to my heart’s content. And yes, I do snore. Only a little.

Finally, as many customer-assistance folks call my human a V.I.P. (I think it means Visually-Impaired Person or Very Important Person), I thought I could be one too. Very Important Paws. And as such, I reckoned it was time for an upgrade.

So when it came to travelling on a coach, no floor for me. The seat beckoned and up I jumped. Time to be top dog. Got a great view too. Unfortunately, no paparazzi to capture my moment of glory.

But I had forgotten that my Guide Dog trainer, Adrian, was doing some top-up training and had come along for the ride. Apparently, I was being naughty. I’m not allowed on furniture and he made sure I was soon back on the floor. It was the safest place for me. Also pretty comfortable, to be honest. And, I quickly fell asleep to the hum of the engine.

Hmmm. Bit sleepy now, come to think of it. I know I had an extra hour in bed as the clocks went back yesterday. But you can never get enough sleep. So that’s it from me, time for another snooze…

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