Pawsome Hamilton The Musical

Woof, it’s me guide dog Fletcher! I’m back. It’s been a tough few months. So I wanted to share with you yesterday’s mega day out. We went to see ‘Hamilton The Musical’ in London. It was pawsome.

As part of making theatre accessible to those who are blind or partially sighted, we went to an audio described performance of Hamilton. The firm Vocal Eyes had been commissioned to sort this. They had also arranged a touch tour to bring their audio descriptions to life – I got to go on the touch tour.

I was In the room where it happened. Here I am on the Victoria Palace Theatre stage where Hamilton was showing.

Me guide dog Fletcher in my white guide dog harness and red lead contrasting nicely against wood block stage floor of Hamilton The Musical London. @pawsatthekerb

I met some of the show’s cast and crew. They started off by lining up in a row (shown by photo) and introducing themselves to everyone. And extra information was provided by the Vocal Eyes team. I’ll tell you more about three of the cast in a moment.

Hamilton audio described performance touch touch with some of the cast and Vocal Eyes team. Jefferson character is in centre describing his purple outfit. More details in next photo.@pawsatthekerb.

After the intro, actress Ellena Vincent stepped out of the line up to greet us. She’s in the ensemble and was in a fine gold coat over a corset and leggings. She brilliantly described her costume and let Fiona, my pawtastic human, feel all the detailing on her clothes. Of course, I had to have a photo with her.

Me guide dog Fletcher in harness lying down in front of the pawsome Ellena Vincent star of Hamilton The Musical London. She's in a gold coat with puffy sleeves, buttoned up over a tight corset and paler leggings. She's semi kneeling. @pawsatthekerb

You simply must meet Thomas. Thomas!“. Well, it would be rude not to. Here I am with President Thomas Jefferson who was decked out in rich expensive purple cloth. Jason Pennycooke, who plays the characters Jefferson and Lafayette, had a woofderful laugh and wicked humour.

Me guide dog Fletcher in my white guide dog harness with its blue and yellow flash with Hamilton The Musical star Jason Pennycooke in his President Thomas Jefferson outfit. All purple and shiny with a lacy white bow tie and neckchief. I'm in front lying down with Jason behind me. We're on the wood block stage floor. There's a posh chair just out of picture with gold legs. @pawsatthekerb

Afterwards, I got to meet the main man. I barked: What’s your name man?” “Alexander Hamilton!. Jamael Westman who plays Hamilton gave me pawtastic fusses. He was very tall and down to earth. He was gentle with me and took the time to make me feel special.

Me guide dog Fletcher. Well just my head tilted up and looking at Jamael Westman who's looking down at me. He's Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton The Musical London. He's in a light tan suede long coat with brass buttons. Cream waistcoat with white frilly neckchief. Props of buckets and hats in background. @pawsatthekerb

I even got a little scratch from Jamael.

Me guide dog Fletcher getting a neck scratch during our touch tour. You've got an arm and leg of Hamilton. He's got black tall boots with brown trim. Cream breeches and light tan suede coat. @pawsatthekerb

It was all very exciting. Did you say guide dog stage left? Must dash Jamael. Oops, sorry about the photo.

Oops photo of me guide dog Fletcher. I got so excited that I forgot myself and moved away from Jamael who's bent down smiling next to me. My head is missing. You've just got a bit of my body in the photo. @pawsatthekerb

There were eight of us guide dogs present. Of course, I had to sniff the others out and give a waggy tail.

Me guide dog Fletcher after dashing off. You've got me standing up head away from you. My head is checking out a fellow guide dog. You can't see his head either. We've both got gold fur. We're excited. @pawsatthekerb

We kept our humans on their toes to stop our leads getting tangled in all the excitement.

Me guide dog Fletcher from above doing a meet and greet with two other guide dogs. I've gold fur. To my left and part out of picture is a light almost white furred guide dog. On my right is the hed of a shiny black furred guide dog. You've got feet, a white cane and wood block flooring in the background. @pawsatthekerb

Then Andy (my human no.2) and I discovered some goblets and muskets for Fiona to touch. This meant that she could get even more out of her theatre experience. After all, she can’t see much of what’s happening on stage during the performance. (In case you’re wondering, she sees some colours but hasn’t a clue what the colours are as everything is distorted and blurry. As to being able to see goblets and muskets on stage, impossible).

Head of me guide dog Fletcher from above sniffing out 2 grey plain goblets and the barrels of two muskets with gold trim on a dark wooden box. @pawsatthekerb

I got a bit worried when I found the corset. Didn’t want anyone putting that on me.

Me guide dog Fletcher. Well my head again. I'm staring up at you with my dark brown eyes and pink nose. I'm pin sharp. Blurred in the background behind me is a pale cream corset on a fabric bench with gold and murky blue swirls. @pawsatthekerb

I’d be happy to try on this gorgeous robe belonging to King George.

Me guide dog Fletcher from above at the bottom of your photo. The main part of the photo is taken up with King George's fine robe. It's got white trimming with black baubles. Feels like fake fur. Then there's gold shiny metallic ribbon in swirls. Then gold panels. And just in shot there's red velvet. Very nice. @pawsatthekerb

And the wooden stage set was pretty woofderful too.

I'm not in this photo. We're looking at the back of heads of touch tour audience. Then up to a wooden balcony. A bit of the stage sides and main back wall. Then up again at the black spotlights. @pawsatthekerb

High paw and thanks to the Hamilton cast and crew plus Vocal Eyes team for a pawsome touch tour and introduction to Hamilton.

It was then off to be looked after by the theatre staff during the performance. Whilst I was offered the opportunity to see ‘Hamilton The Musical’, Fiona thought it might be too loud for me. Besides there was no space for me to sit – let alone lie down – by her seat.

My humans, Fiona and Andy, said ‘Hamilton The Musical’ was wooftastic. Definitely five stars.

After some expert guiding by me through the theatre crowds, it was time for home. What better way to pass the journey by catching up on some snoozing…

Me guide dog Fletcher out of harness fast asleep. You've got my head resting on the vinyl floor which is raised and has a silver metal trim. My front paw is resting on the black boot of my human. I was tired. @pawsatthekerb

Woof and paw. Guide dog Fletcher.

(c) pawsatthekerb™, February 2019.

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